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Jan 23, 2012


PSA: DNS Hijacking (aka: CenturyLink web helper my ass) firefox edition

CenturyLink thinks I need their help

WTF with ISPs and DNS "redirects"? If this is their idea of customer service, they need to seriously rethink that idea.

I moved from Cox to CenturyLink (formerly Qwest, I guess) right before I left for LA and when I got home I discovered that Google's browse by name/I'm feeling lucky no longer worked. For example, if you type "google" in your location bar it should just forward you to, but CenturyLink ever so kindly (not) hijacks that and sends me to their ever so helpful (not) "web helper" (my ass). There is, of course, a teeny tiny link at the top of that page that asks "Why am I here?" - YES, WHY AM I HERE? - and when you click that link you are given the option of opting out of this most annoying service.

Except it doesn't work.

So, for my Firefox/CenturyLink friends, here is a fix.

First, download the Redirector 2.7.1 add-on

Once installed, goto Tools > Redirector and click New Redirect.

For Example URL enter:

For Include Pattern enter:*
(same as above but DON'T FORGET that * at the end)

For Redirect To enter:$1
(go here for more info on location bar searches. Also, you might need to edit your keyword.URL)

Select Wildcard for your Pattern Type and click save. Viola.
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