Sep 15, 2011


Maynard & Mallow (& me)

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Maynard & Marshmallow

So, yeah, I'm dog-sitting. I know as much about dogs as I do about kids, which is to say, not much. I know to feed them. I know occasionally they have to pee. I know they like their heads rubbed. Beyond that I'm pretty lost. But friends are friends, and my BFF took her husband for a stress reducing staycation, and thus I'm dog-sitting.

The reason the dogs need a sitter is because between the two of them they only have 6 legs. Also, they're kind of needy. And pampered. And really really cute. Seriously, one night with them and I totally get why people have dogs - they just love your ass no matter what. OMG FOOD! WE LOVE YOU! OMG HEAD RUBZ! WE LOVE YOU! OMG WE GET TO SLEEP IN BED WITH YOU, WE LOVE YOU!

Yeah, so, sleeping. That was interesting. HOW DOES THIS BED WORK? It's full of dogs and there's no blanket. Well, there was a blanket, but I thought it was the dog blanket...and well let's just say that NOW there IS a dog blanket. And at first I was like, how on Earth am I supposed to sleep without a blanket? I mean, I know this is AZ and all, but I'm from the Midwest and dammit, I need a blanket.

Then I slept with 2 dogs. I spent most of the night with Mallow in my butt and I think Maynard and I are now dating. Also, they only gave me like 3 inches of bed to sleep on. But between the two of them they put out more heat than the sun.

All in all it was a good night. But then I woke up at 5:30 this morning and discovered that my BFF's are actually huge dicks. THERE IS NO COFFEE IN THIS HOUSE. WTF? So there I was, at dawn o'clock, driving around Arcadia, covered in dog hair, all sleepy-eyed, trying to find a Starbucks. This is some bullshit!

Latte acquired, dogs fed, did I mention they have cats too? It's been an interesting 24 hours.
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Sep 21, 2011
Hmmm... I'm dog sitting a cute little Jack Russell terrier named Bailey. She really makes me want a dog of my own. Well, that is until she drops stinky bombs at the park and I have to pick that shit up while it's still all warm and fresh. I don't want my own dog. I'm down with OPD, yeah you know me! The dogs you were sitting sound pretty cool...
Meg Lengling
Sep 29, 2011


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