Jun 5, 2011



Last night I helped my friend Anne celebrate her 39-(for the first time)-th birthday by drinking too much wine, and eating my body weight in cheese and chocolate. So, in other words, it was the perfect evening.

Anne is awesome, I love her to death, and I wanted to make her something for her birthday. The problem is, she's super crafty, and super talented. Like, last week her husband asked for a laptop case and snap! she whips out this custom made awesome space invaders case, with little nooks and crannies for all his laptop jank, and it's totally perfect. So, what, I'm gonna come to her party and be all: Happy Birthday Annie! I made you some napkins! No. She can knit a house, so that's out. She's an Ikebana master, so no flowers. And her husband has a Dick Cheney safe for wine so it's not like I can show up with any old bottle cuz clearly, he takes that shit seriously.

Luckily, I had two things going for me. One, Anne doesn't cook. And two, she loves chocolate.

So off to the RSS reader I go, where, apparently, I've been tagging recipes since the dawn of man. DESSERT. (Loading more items...) Lots of cobblers. Seriously, why do I have so many cobbler recipes? Scroll, scroll, stop. There it is, perfection: everyday chocolate cake. You need to make this cake, if for no other reason than to lick the bowl. I subbed yogurt/milk for buttermilk and, because I was afraid it might not be chocolatey enough (snark), I added a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips that I quickly ran thru the miniprep first. The cake was dense and dark and chocolatey and fabulous, and paired well with espresso and Zin, and I know this because I tested both. (Oh, how I suffer for my art...)

Anyway, while I was perusing my seemingly endless list of cobblers, et al., something else caught my eye: Homemade Oreos. Seriously, how could that be anything but awesome?

Well, they were awesome, but holy wow I had to cut the sugar way down because otherwise I'd have sent us all into a collective hypoglycemic coma. I used 1 cup in the cookie dough and a 1/2 cup in the filling, which made it more like icing, but the taste was spot on. Oh, and a note on the cookies: to make them oreo sized (ish), use a 1 1/2 tsp cookie scoop or (nerd way) roll into balls 10 grams each. At that size I got exactly 5 dozen cookies, and thus 30 oreos (cookie math). Of those, Anne got about half (The Crandall tax).


The birthday was a chocolatey success, I'm not too terribly hungover, and I have a few oreos left (I think?). I call that a win.


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