May 15, 2011


I'm alive! I'm alive!

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Proof of life: me, my Vulcan ears, and Cousin Carl

It's been a busy two weeks! Recap: Polish Mother's Day. Big success. Sorry, no pictures, I had a house full of people, and a mom flipping pierogis, and only two hands. And maybe it's possible I was a little drunk. But in any case, it was a lot of fun, a lot of food, and a lot of leftovers.

Then, I don't know, allergies? The plague? Monday and Tuesday were lost. Wednesday was meh. Thursday, I went to LA for THE BEST WEEKEND EVAR.

Our first stop, lodging, at best foodie friend Kate's (and her husband Mark, too), where we taught their most adorable 3 year old to be even more adorable by saying things like, "You better represent, yo" and "shit."

Friday, off to The Museum of Contemporary Art to see the Art in the Streets exhibit. Just awesome, I highly recommend it should you get a chance to go. And no, I don't have any pictures of that either, because I suck.

But here's something I do have pictures of:

That would be me, and my bff Kate, and the aforementioned adorable 3 year old, making tamales. To be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea if they were right, but there were certainly tasty. Zucchini & spinach, black bean, chicken & roasted red pepper. Some queso fresco. With mexican rice, and corn with feta & cilantro, on the side. And then, I guess because we were bored or something, Kate taught me how to make a lemon-lime curd. And then, because she's awesome, Kate baked up some sugary-cinnamony pastry puffs and served the curd in a bowl with a puff and some frozen raspberries. Show off. (I jest, love).

But wait, there's more:

JPL Open House, yo.

You know who I met? Bubba, Spirit and Opportunity's Earth brother. Seriously, his name is Bubba.

I got to see some giant machines, and some microdevices, and lots and lots of rovers. One of which the aforementioned adorable 3 year old used to demolish a pile of cans (the object of the exercise) which, apparently only 1 in 100 people can do. Her father was very proud. We thought maybe she might be recruited before the end of the day.

Speaking of rovers:


The weekend also included go karts (the boys), wine (the girls), advil (the boys), sushi boats, a sewing machine, and a quadruple latte. Oh right, and Mark tried to steal the milk from the bakery. It's a long story.
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May 16, 2011
I am incredibly jealous of your JPL visit.
May 16, 2011
Very cool, I was almost going to bug Teh Crandall this morning about you being silent for a while.
May 17, 2011
It's not that long of a story, actually. Mark tried to walk out of the bakery with the milk dispenser. We caught him and turned him in to the authorities. Case closed.
May 17, 2011
(And I may have just made part of that up.)
May 19, 2011
@Tophe, free public tours! link [www.jpl.nasa]
May 20, 2011
Thanks for the link! I don't know when I'll get out to California again, but I need to go see that when I do.


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