May 3, 2011


M?wisz po polsku?

I think that means do you speak Polish?, and the obvious answer is obviously not.

My mother is Polish and this weekend is Mother's Day. Ergo, dinner. I was going to get all tarterific, but then I remembered that she's mentioned potato pancakes the last, oh every, time I've seen her, and decided to go Polish on her instead.

So she will get her sauerkraut and pierogi, potato pancakes and polish sausage, maybe even a mushroom or two, and for dessert, plum cake and kolaczki, which are little fruity cookie things for those of you who never had a Polish friend.

Today I made the pierogi, and did a trial run on the rye bread. My grandfather used to buy the same rye bread, from the same bakery, every day after work for probably 20+ years. It was this big, brown, round, wonderful loaf, and honestly, I never thought of is as rye bread because growing up we just called it round bread.

This morning I was thisclose to calling my friend Wade and asking him to run over to Anne's Bakery on Chicago & Leavitt, home of the round bread, and fedex me a couple loaves. But then I started to think about time and shipping and how this could quickly turn into the $50 loaf of bread, so I went with this instead.

I used barley malt syrup and arrowhead mills rye flour, which wasn't designated light, medium or dark, just rye. As for changes, I used bread flour in place of AP, and added 1 TBSP of vital wheat gluten. After the initial rise, I formed the dough into one round loaf (instead of two) and let rise in a brotform for another 30 minutes. Seriously, it turned out awesome. I've already eaten like half of it. I am soooo not exaggerating.
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