Mar 27, 2011


It's just a flesh wound

You know your party is on track to be a smashing success when your first order of business is to slice your thumb open with a serrated knife and nearly bleed out into a dish towel. Fear not, it was nothing that couldn't be solved with a Hello Kitty band aid and some ibuprofen. (Who am I kidding, that came latter, I conquered the pain with more vino.)

Also, when you can crack the crowd up with a joke involving gold pressed latinum, you know you have a good group of people in your house.

In any case, as expected, Anne made the evening perfect with her beautiful flowers.

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Mar 28, 2011
Is that the asparagus tart right-center? Whatever it is, it's making me salivate. Recipe for that available?
Mar 28, 2011
Here ya go: link []

I used a gruyere/swiss mix, but fontina is a substitute suggestion and I think I might try that next time. I only needed to prebake the crust about 12 minutes, and the tart, I thought, was slightly overdone at 20 minutes, so I'd start keeping an eye on it around 15 (but it might just be my oven). Also, I used just less than a pound of asparagus, and brushed it with a garlic grapeseed oil instead of olive oil.

Let me know how it goes!
Mar 28, 2011
Thanks much! Hoping to fit it in to the menu this week.
Apr 10, 2011
Thanks again for the link. That thing was about 16 different kinds of awesome. 12 minutes for the crust, 17 and change before I pulled it. Olive oil and probably just over a pound of asparagus.

Gonna go ghetto-cheese (mostly for the kids) next round. I'll bake the asparagus (sprayed w/ olive oil and seasoned w/ lemon pepper and kosher salt---this is our normal asparagus cooking method) while the crust cooks. Take everything out and assemble using swiss, mozzarella, and maybe either havarti or muenster---again, a bit more (my) kid friendly. Not that anything with asparagus is very kid friendly. :-)

Thanks again, it was great.
Apr 11, 2011
Ooh, havarti, what a good idea, I'm gonna have to give that a try!


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