Feb 9, 2011


These are a few of my favorite things...

I used up almost all my roasted garlic grapeseed oil making these crackers. (Twice. They were so good I made them twice. In one week.) So, no fear right, I have the interwebs at my fingertips, I'll just hop online and buy some more. But the store I buy it from doesn't carry it anymore. And Amazon was out of stock. So I had to go straight to the source. And because I don't like running out of things, and I definitely don't like not being to replace things I'm running out of, I bought like 4 gallons.

Anyway, it got me thinking, I'm almost out of my favorite balsamic too, so I might as well order that while I'm at it. I discovered these guys at some Eco-hooha when we lived in Portland. Exactly what balsamic has to do with tree hugging I have no idea, but I was glad I found them.

The two together make the most awesome (and simple) salad dressing evar. Toss your baby greens with it, top with some sliced kalamata and some crumbled goat cheese, and you're set.

On it's own the oil makes a great bread dipper, and I also use it to roast veggies. As for the balsamic, use it to finish your caramelized onions, and I promise, you'll thank me.

In other news...

I'm practicing my pretzels. I used to make these all the time, and then, like, not at all for the last year. And then my friend Sean started showing up at parties with his pretzels (which he stuffs with Nutella, that bastard) and so after some bantering we've decided to have a pretzel-off. Hence the practice. So, coming soon, Sean vs Elle, Iron Chef: Battle Pretzel.
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