Jan 28, 2011


Hello Kitty?

tags: wtf?
It's funny, The Crandall was just telling me that JBox added a whole bunch of new Hello Kitty stuff to their catalog, and I was just telling him that Hello Kitty was a lot more fun when you couldn't find it at Target. (And let's just overlook the fact that I'm 41 and have Hello Kitty things, shall we? In my defense, I only own them long enough to satisfy my need for teh cute, and then I pass them off to my nieces.*)

In any case, you may have seen this dress make the blogrounds today, and if you thought a Hello Kitty wedding dress was over the top, your head might explode when you discover there are several of them.

(* ok, I kept a few)
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Jan 28, 2011
I love me some Hello Kitty. You don't want to know what I would pay for a giant plush Kuromi.
Jan 28, 2011
Ok, I'll be honest, the nieces do get the Hello Kitty stuff. And when they visit, I buy them Hello Kitty stuff. Their little 4 & 6 year old squeals make it worth every penny, and well, I'm a sucker. But the Chococat stuff? ALL MINE.


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