Jan 20, 2011


I can haz internetz? (and a house?)

It's almost hard to believe I grew up in a world without internet; I've been without the last 3 days and it's like I'm lost. How do I contact my friends, how do I pay my bills, how do I GOOGLE? There's only so much one can accomplish on an iPhone; last night we had to snag free wifi from Peter Piper Pizza. THE HORROR.

In any case, as you've likely surmised, being smart and all, I have my internetz again and life is getting back to normal. We are almost entirely moved in, Pablo has successfully cheek-juiced 98% of the house, and (as expected) Chica is still hiding under the bed. (Oh, cats...) I still have about 4.24x10^8 boxes to unpack, however, the kitchen is unpacked, and as far as I'm concerned that equals moved in. Except, like some kind of dunce, I left my knives at the old place so I can only sort of cook. Today I had to saw thru ciabatta with a steak knife. Sad, sad, sad.

On the upside (and entirely unrelated) I have discovered jalapeno hummus. I didn't think that sounded too great when I first heard of it, but wow, this shit is the bomb. And great for sinuses.
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Jan 20, 2011
Seriously. How did we look stuff up before the internets, before the googles? It must have been a dark, dark time.
Jan 20, 2011
Re Hummus:

My wife bought some Doctor Hummus brand Jalapeno hummus. Good stuff. She got it at the Scottsdale farmers market, but I think Whole Foods might carry some of his stuff.
Jan 20, 2011
@darklordjames: Dewey Decimal and card catalogs. Yeah, I'm that old. And actually, come to think of it, once you got lost deep in the bowels of the library stacks, it was a dark place. Speaking of being old, this: link [www.reddit.com]

@ungeheier: My first taste was about a week ago when The Crandall brought me a hummus plate from the greek place down the street from the old house. At first I thought, this is odd, but then I tasted it and thought, this is awesome! In any case, yes, there was a little taster out at Whole Foods today and jalapeno hummus is now in my fridge.
Jan 21, 2011
I lol'd @ "cheek-juiced", thanks!

Looking things up before the internets was much more time consuming before (having an almanac, an atlas and a dictionary were essential!), but I spend so much of my free time online I've stopped reading books. I think I've read maybe 3 books in the last 10 years.
Jan 21, 2011
@Tophe: CR came up with that and I still chuckle every time he says it. And I hear you on the book thing, I manage maybe one a year. Last year it was even (gasp!) fiction.


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