Jan 15, 2011


My weekend > your weekend

This weekend the husband is at NAMGLA (North American Man Gear Love Association - otherwise known as NAMM) which means that I get to spend the weekend with my best foodie friend, Kate. Yay for me, and you too if you'd been invited to dinner. As you've probably already guessed we made pasta, more specifically, ravioli. On one hand, yes, it was plain cheese ravioli. On the other hand, omgwow, it was we made our own ricotta cheese ravioli.

Over the years I have discovered there are certain things you just might never think to make, but once you do, you'll never buy them again. Butter is one of those things. When I tell people I make my own butter they look at me like, seriously? and you can tell they're wondering if this somehow involves a cow. Well, I mean, of course it involves a cow, but that part doesn't involve me. For my part, it's just cream, salt, and a food processor.

As it turns out, ricotta is also one of those things. Milk, salt, lemon juice, heat, a couple minutes of your time, and did I mention, omgwow? We used half to make the ravioli, and the other half we practically inhaled. It was especially good on garlic crackers with a bit of black pepper. We strained ours longer than called for in the recipe just so we'd have nice firm ravioli, but when they cooked up they were amazingly creamy and fantastic. Little pillows of awesome, I think Kate called them.

We took both the filling and pasta recipes from Joy of Cooking and just sort of winged from there. We served the ravioli with a meat sauce Kate had already made, and pesto that we tossed together with walnuts because we forgot to buy pine nuts. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference, but that's probably because of all the garlic. I suppose the whole process could be considered somewhat time consuming if you don't like to spend time in your kitchen. But then, if you don't like spending time in your kitchen, you probably won't be making your own ravioli.

Tonight, we sample the other half of our experiment: dessert ravioli. We have mascarpone/blueberry, drunken fig, marzipan (hey why not, she had some handy) and banana. Chocolate sauce and powdered sugar for drizzling and sprinkling. Should be good fun.

Oh, and you know what I learned this weekend? All these years I've been pronouncing mascarpone, marscapone. Oops.
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