Jan 10, 2012


There's no zealot like a convert

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For 41 years I did not, would not, tried to but could not, eat sushi. Everyone I knew was like: OMG, sushi is the greatest food evar, what is wrong with you, were you raised by wolves or something? Well, or something, but that's another story. No, it just felt weird in my mouth. The nori was chewy and the rice was sticky and it was always like I had too much food in my mouth. Also, let's be honest, I seriously lack chopstick skills. There was just nothing fun or comfortable about eating this food.

I used to know this manager dude guy, let's call him Jabba, and whenever you took him to dinner, especially if ribs were involved, you basically had to put a garbage bag over him because OMG there was BBQ sauce and rib particulate matter everywhere. And you'd be sitting at the table with him, hiding behind your napkin, trying not to cry - with laughter AND sadness. That's kinda what it was like taking me to a sushi bar. Edamame flying everywhere, rice all over my face, how do you eat this stuff? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME A FORK?

And then, I don't know what happened. Well, yes I do, it's the fault of an adorable 4 year old. WHO EATS SUSHI. And has amazing chopstick skills. She lent me a pair of her training chopsticks (purple giraffe, if I remember correctly), and someone handed me a plate of avocado sushi, and I was suddenly propelled into an alternate universe where OMG, sushi is the greatest food evar!

So for 41 years I didn't eat sushi and then in the last 7 months I've basically been obsessed with it. All that to say I had sushi for lunch today. And for dinner a few days ago. And we'll see what the week brings... I'll tell you what though, right now, the wasabi is doing wonders for my cold. Seriously, I'm not happy til the tip of nose tingles. And bonus points if I can make tears spurt out my eyes.
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Jan 10, 2012
Of course you would wait until you're in the middle of the desert, a couple hundred miles from the nearest ocean, to become obsessed with a seafood product. ;)
Jan 10, 2012
Give me 7 more months and I'll start yammering on about how awesome Indian food is.
Jan 10, 2012
She's a vegetarian, so it's still open to question whether she's eating sushi or just a funny-looking salad. But credit where credit's due.

Jan 11, 2012
Next time y'all are in LA, I need to take you guys to my sushi spot. It's not as awesometastic as the Beeson's conveyor belt place, but the bar is small and the chef has been there making sushi since 1977.
Jan 11, 2012
My daughter Aeron went through a sushi-like thing at home you might also enjoy. Lasted for months and, I must say, she was on the money... Get nori sheets, make sticky rice and spread out a thinish layer over the whole thing (this is very hi-tech chef stuff). Add a layer of delicious veggies sliced small and thin, spice it up with craploads of cayenne, some sea salt, a little mustard and all the crushed garlic you can handle. Roll it the best you can (mine seemed to fall apart alot). Chop into cram-in-mouth sized pieces and enjoy! My favorites usually have avocado/guacamole, zucchini, and sardines or eggs (insert not-meat stuff here). Okay, so that's not sushi but it's close enough and tasty! Having viewed pictures of your food pr0n I'll bet you can make some cool looking sushi-like stuff too... I am now trying to picture a fallapartalot.


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