Oct 28, 2011

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Grapes? On a Sandwich?

So as I mentioned a few weeks ago, my BFF Anne and I are catering/beautifying our friend's 50th birthday bash. The party is next Saturday, so basically the mad rush to the finish line has begun. You know what I learned this week? You can freeze cookies after you bake them. You know what else I learned? It improves the texture of a chocolate chip cookie. No joke.

Anyway, we've got a couple things on the menu I haven't made before, so this week has also been about shoving food in Anne's husband's mouth because he has the most amazing palate ever. Seriously, he can taste the subtlest of things and always knows when something needs more pepper. So, yes, yes, this all leads me to grapes on sandwiches.

The photo above comes from a VT recipe for what is basically an open faced sandwich - which we concluded yesterday would be very, very messy. I'm doing them more like a crostini (I liberally use that word to mean food on top of little toasted breads) and made a couple changes, but WOW these were good.

First up, I went with fontina cheese, because (A) I went to three grocery stores before I could find taleggio and (B) when I did I discovered it was about $6/lb more than the fontina. Next, I used the multiest-grainiest bread I could find because again, trying to track down a decent walnut bread was becoming a problem. Last, I used honey instead of agave, because, I don't know, I just have this thing with agave.

Anne's husband's mouth said: a little more honey, don't go overboard with the watercress, and (you knew this was coming): needs more pepper. Overall a big hit, and the smaller size made them way easier to shove in your mouth without getting watercress down the front of your shirt.

Now my main concern is to not stroke out before next weekend!

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Nov 1, 2011
The picture reminds me of this comic I saw recently

link [satwcomic.com]


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